Friday, 18 April 2014

The story of the upcycled pictured frame

Long before Christmas, Luke and I made a trip to the beach. It was one of our weekly excursions and we were looking for sea glass to make necklaces from. It was cold and with our hoods up and shoulders hunched, we weren't having much success. It didn't help that the dog demanded sticks to be thrown into the lake every minute or so!

I love looking at things that have been washed ashore. Amidst the debris of fallen branches and leaves (you don't get seaweed from the lake) was a picture frame with an engorged red velvet centre. 

Luke and I looked at it for a while, inventing stories. 

I imagined it came off of a large boat with plush interior. Maybe a galleon with white sails and a drawing room with a large oblong table, at which sat a Captain with a pegleg. Nailed to the wall was this rather innocuous picture, the velvet chosen to match the velvet drapes. No, not chosen, a word which implies a choice was offered, but rather selected with a degree of precision for this purpose.

Then, one night amidst a storm, spies descended upon the great ship, swooping in silently on zip lines and arrested the ship's Captain for stealing jewels and gold from the Queen, but where were they hidden?

I think that it is quite clear that the picture frame wouldn't have been tossed overboard were it not collateral damage of some kind. The jewels couldn't have been concealed inside, the frame wouldn't have been so intact upon arrival on the beach. This leads me to the conclusion that the jewels were hidden in the wall, in a secret vault disguised by the picture. After the jewels were seized by professionals who were able to crack the code to the safe and the Captain arrested, the frame was thrown overboard and made its way to me.

I mean, really, isn't that obvious?

Regardless, we took a few 'selfies' (a word that I hate - why do the youth of today feel the need to abominate the English language) using the frame as a frame and then I couldn't bear to leave it and so we took it home!

I had to bring it home, I couldn't leave something that once travelled Lake Ontario where it was and it remained in our house for quite some months, until I had enough and recycled it.

I stapled some lace from Dollarama to the back of it and stapled a piece of ribbon to the top and bush bash bosh! Not exactly the most difficult of tasks! I liked what I had made though.



The perfect frame for some of those rosettes Cudama Tir Na Nog won for me back in my horse riding days!


  1. This is so a cool story! You guys have a lot of imagination. Living with you must be fun ;-)

    I also hate the word "selfie" but I don't mind self-portraits. This is a good one.

  2. We like to think it's quite fun!!! I'm not sure other people find us quite so funny :) I had forgotten the phrase 'self portrait' - isn't that sad.

  3. Cybele @ BlahBlah18 April 2014 22:10

    Gorgeous and the frame is too! Great find. Now I'm very curious about those sea glass necklaces too x

  4. This is really cool story.I really appreciate this post ,You can see and use Picture framing in Canada.thank you for this post.


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