Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter - presenting the smallest yellow knitted chick!

Happy Easter folks! We have certainly enjoyed our long weekend. We went to bed each night at 9pm, not waking until 8pm. You cannot know how blissful we found this! Although I did have a weird dream that I kept on trying to go for a wee and I kept missing the toilet and my best friend Kim was there laughing at me as I tried to mop up my wee, only to go back to the toilet and repeat the whole scene. Fortunately I had not weed in the bed when I woke up.

We walked the Pickle to Albion Falls and Burlington Beach. We found this cute snake. Luke named her John. Look at that tongue! She was part of a whole video series we filmed to send home for the family - so that we could bring them with us on our outings.

The kitten didn't have such a good weekend, she was spayed on Thursday bless her, but she is on the mend and has started to play again. It is such a relief to us that we don't have to put up with yowling every three weeks! She never did have kittens by the way. We think she must have reabsorbed them. She is still under weight at 6 pounds. We are trying to build her up, but she is still tiny. I personally think that she is just going to be a small cat.

Luke enjoyed working on his jeep. Would you believe he built this custom from scratch! It looked like nothing when he first got it - just a metal square. He started by welding extra steel to the frame, before repairing the body and spray painting it. He added chrome panelling to the sides and to the bonnet. He bought a new soft top for the summer and his boss bought him huge new tyres. He even welded a chain to make the step into the jeep. It is pretty cool looking. I am unsure this picture even does it justice honestly.

I knitted the World's smallest chick using this pattern. I made it using the app 'StitchSketch LE'. It is a pretty basic app.

What do you think? I might knit more to stick to Easter cards next Easter! It is so cute.

We finished up with a game of monopoly that I lost. That makes it 5-0 to Luke :( What do you think to Luke's tattoo? It isn't wuite finished yet, he is having more grey shading in the background with more trees. It is going to stretch up his arm to the universe on his upper arm. I bought him his first tattoo when he was 18, so it is only right really to have bought him a tattoo for his 30th birthday!


  1. That's a cute chick! (didn't think I was ever going to say that but... context is everything :lol:)

  2. The chick is super cute!
    We bought Monopoly yesterday so I'm sure we'll be playing it loads in the next few days :)
    P.S. I think the tattoo is looking great!

  3. anexactinglife23 April 2014 03:42

    The Jeep is very cool! Glad that kitten is on the mend. It looks very Canadian to drink Tim's while playing Monopoly.

  4. Isn't it!! Life is always better with a Tim's!

  5. Wow i am impressed you were able to knit such a small pattern ! That's awesome ! The Jeep is pretty cool ! I like the blue and gray contrast. The tattoo is cool. Now i want another one too lol

  6. Thanks!! Yeah, we love the jeep a lot. I want another tattoo too. What would you have? Guess I will have to wait a while though

  7. Hmmm i am thinking maybe a heart or small tree on my left shoulder blade. Maybe i'll wait a few years before deciding lol


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