Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Buhbye Blogspot!

After a long evening of trying (unsuccessfully) to get this blog to 'point' to my new .com, I have given up and decided just to give you the link to the blog from which I will be blogging from now on! It is still pretty unfinished, but I am done with trying to juggle two blogs!!
I will also have to work out how to link it up to my bloglovin account...please bear with me! I want to thank everyone who reads my blog each week. I am so excited to be starting this 'grown up' blog (even if it is a bit rough and unfinished - like me ha ha) over at:


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Travel Tuesday: Larks at Mullion Cove, Cornwall

When I last wrote about our crazy, spontaneous trip to Cornwall, we had driven over night and had been too scared to go and see some standing stones in the dark. We had then scattered our dog's ashes. Finally we went to the beach, found some rum we had previously buried and fallen asleep in the cold until we could no longer bear it and we caved and got a twee bed and breakfast!

This brings us up to speed and today for Travel Tuesday, I want to write all about one of the things we did on our final day, once we were rested and ready to re-visit some of our fave places as children!

We all slept for at least twelve hours that night and we woke up feeling raring to go! We were helped along the way by a delicious cooked breakfast - nowt better than a full English to start the day!

We then got back into the car and made our way to Mullion Cove. This is where I went to high school for a time. I loved that school. Some of the best days of my life were spent in this village.

I was a real over achiever - I was in the school choir, on the athletics team, in the drama club, I used to be doing some sort of extra-curricular activity every day of the week! It was the sort of school environment in which it was cool to be clever. That is rare nowadays.

It felt great to be back, remembering how much I loved the battered mars bars at the fish and chip shop and the day I walked past a tree after choir practice and it started talking! 'Hello, I'm the talking tree', of course I didn't know that it was two boys hiding in the tree - I was only eleven or twelve afterall!

My brothers had both been too young to go to Mullion School when I went, so for me the best part was showing it to them and telling them my memories of the place.

I don't think I realised at the time that I was making memories with my brothers that would far overshadow those childhood memories that I had of the place.

Mullion Cove is situated on the Lizard Peninsula, which is the most southerly point of mainland Great Britain. It is now owned by the National Trust and is used for a small shellfish company, so the smuggling and fishing it was once known for are no longer in effect.


Q: Do you have a favourite family holiday memory to share?

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Monday, 1 September 2014

A room with a view - Kippford, Dumfries, Scotland

And finally it is September! Can you believe it? Time just whizzes by. Before you know it, my visa will be here, I will be visiting home frequently and Luke and I will have our dream house with a couple of acres and a few chickens!

Anyhoo, time to get my head out of the clouds and back down to planet Earth! Today I am joining up with the monthly travel link up courtesy of bloggers Emma, Mandy, Kelly and Rebecca - thank you for hosting this monthly link up!

This month's theme is 'A Room with a View' and it was tough to pick any one room with any one view, but I think I have found a little something to write about that I haven't previously written about!

A few years back, I would go to Scotland with one of the best group of friends that I have ever had. It is one of those sad cases of friendship groups that naturally grow apart over time, but I had the time of my life with those guys.


Sunday, 31 August 2014

ALS Ice bucket challenge

This weekend I was nominated to do the ALS ice bucket challenge. Joy. I hate anything wet unless I am drinking it or it is hot like a bath. So you might hear some squealing on what I am about to show to you. You will probably find yourself thinking that I am a bit pathetic, but I did it and I donated to ALS and because of me several more people will be donating to ALS! Here it is:

Saturday, 30 August 2014

A-Z of Hamilton: D is for Dining Out

Welcome to another A-Z of Hamilton! Today I have decided to write about 'D is for Dining Out' 


As might be expected for a city, there are many places to dine out. Too many for me to write about in one place! Therefore I have decided to zone in on those places that Luke and I eat at most regularly for various reasons. I have excluded all chain restaurants, too.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Home Made Measuring Jug Spicy Lemonade

When I first moved to Canada, I noticed in a bar that they sold Pimms. I was overjoyed! Pimms was most assuredly my tipple of choice in England and Pimms o'clock usually came at the most adventitious and capricious of moments.

When our waiter came to our table, I was sure to ask him for a double Pimms and lemonade and the response? We don't sell lemonade here! Whhhhaaattt?!?! A bar that doesn't serve lemonade? That would be like a bar that doesn't serve coke/pepsi, or a bar that doesn't serve beer!

When my friend Kim came to stay last Feb, we went to that same bar and she asked for a lemonade. I told her not to bother as they don't serve lemonade. Kim was outraged, at which point we managed to ascertain that sprite was sold.

In Canada, lemonade is like a flat lemon juice. In the UK, sprite is classed as a lemonade, just a brand of lemonade. I could have had that Pimms after all!

With the end of summer here, we have had a second blast of heat and these 40 degree days require refreshing drinks like this delicious spicy lemonade!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Expat Revelation: Biggest Fear as an Expat

This is the last topic in this #expatrevelations series and I want to say a huge thank you to those people who have linked up with their incredibly heartfelt and insightful posts. I have also been overwhelmed by the positivity, strength and sense of 'expat community' in the comments to these posts. I will be blogging some of the things that I have learned from you guys next week - be warned, there is a LOT!

This final topic is probably the topic I felt the most anxiety over writing. I mean, let's face it, the thing we expats (perhaps I shouldn't generalize here, but...) fear the most is death. Am I right? Death of loved ones back home and death of the few people we know and love in our new country. It is a weird, miserable subject to write about, but it happens and it is awful and we must face up to that.

When first moving to Canada, my immediate thoughts turned to my elderly relatives and also to my Dad, about whose health I was worried about at that time. Awful, negative thoughts of, 'I don't know if I will ever see this person again' filled my brain until I was utterly overwhelmed. Of course, this is a reality we may have to face - but what a negative mindset to have had! I could so easily have thought 'I will see you soon' or similar. I swear being an expat can give even the most positive among us a negative outlook on certain things.

Here's me Gran - one of the elderly relatives I mentioned! Mind, she doesn't look like she is about to go anywhere! Although this was a good few years back now - but she hasn't aged so much, save her vision. She slipped on a decomposing frog the other day - gross!